Parent Council

'Working in partnership with the school to improve and enhance the school for everyone'


Update from Mrs Langmead  - May 2017 :

"The Parent Council like to assist in fundraising for the school, both independently and with members of FOLS. You will recall our success when we took a lead in organising the school Christmas bazaar last year and raised over a whopping £2,000!

Mrs Fitzgibbon is currently taking the lead in organising a sponsored walk to Abberton reservoir in the hope to raise funds for the outdoor learning area on the school field.

Not only are we raising funds for the school, we also organised a Macmillan coffee morning in September 2016 and with wonderful donations and cake making skills, we were able to raise £587 for this great cause!"



Since our Parent Council was formed a couple of years ago it has been extremely successful. Each Year group has two representatives who attend regular meetings to discuss issues related to the school and to raise suggestions and questions put forward by parents.





Minutes of Parent Council 11 May 18

 Minutes of Parent Council 23 feb 18

Minutes of Parent Council 3 Nov 17



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