School Curriculum

The school follows the National frameworks for Literacy and Numeracy and uses the Chris Quigley Essentials as a guide when planning coverage of the foundation subjects, ensuring that coverage is in line with National Curriculum statutory requirements.


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In order to enrich our school curriculum as much as possible, we have identified five areas that we wish to focus on.


Enterprise: Willingness to take initiative


Diversity: Children to appreciate and reflect upon the beliefs and values of others, having respect for the ideas of people from different cultures whilst respecting our fundamental British values


Learning through experience: Children to develop their spirituality and sense of awe and wonder through visits, visitors, special events, celebration and outside learning


Environment: Children to value the environment and feel passionate about its management


Community: The school sees itself as a vital part of both the local and wider community


These School Essentials are woven into all curriculum areas.


In Key Stage I the school uses Letters and Sounds as our main phonics scheme and we use Oxford Reading Tree as our main reading scheme.


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School Curriculum by Year Group 2018-19


Reception School Curriculum 2018-19


School Curriculum by Subject:

Art and Design


Design Technology








Physical Education

Religious Education