Collective Worship

Collective Worship is a special time for us all to reflect together, particularly on our Gospel Values. Each term the Headteacher draws up a rota that explores the various aspects of each of the Gospel Values . For whole school collective worship sessions on Mondays, children from Year 2 upwards take an active part in preparing and leading their sessions, linking real life scenarios and situations with the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. On Tuesdays the Headteacher often leads the session, using a wide range of resources including the C of E 'Values for Life'. Class collective worship sessions are also led by the children and each class has an area within their classroom dedicated to this. Children also write prayers on a rota basis for display on our reflective tree, as well as writing prayers for their class sessions. The bi-weekly Celebration Assemblies are also very child centred and family members are warmly invited to attend these.


To view the school's Collective Worship Policy please look under 'About Us' - policies.