Year Two

Class teacher- Mrs Baxter and Mrs Gay

LSA- Mrs Watson




We have had a great start to the year and all the children have settled well into their new class. The following information will hopefully give you an insight into expectations in Year 2 so that you may support your child to achieve their full potential.


Learning Behaviour:

Throughout the year children will be developing their skills and learning greater independence. These skills will include:-

Listening for longer, sustained periods

Following instructions from peers and adults

Working independently

Quietly remaining on task

Self-initiated learning

Taking responsibility for their own actions and their own learning

Developing and understanding of the Gospel values

Developing a greater awareness of ‘Growth Mindset’ – hard work and determination will achieve goals


At the end of Year 2, the children are assessed against the government’s national expectations. Outlined below are some of the key objectives in supporting your child to meet these.

Writing Expectations:

The use of accurate punctuation – children must demonstrate the use of full stops and capital letters consistently and accurately. This includes capitalisation for proper nouns (names of places, people and landmarks).

Consistently spelling high frequency words accurately – It is expected that the majority of words sent as homework (weeks 1-13) all spelt accurately in all written work.

Handwriting should be consistently joined and legible –the expectation that letters are formed correctly with ascenders and descenders correctly placed on the line; letters are correctly sized in relation to each other; letters are joined appropriately.


Reading Expectations:

Children use phonic skills to decode unfamiliar words.

Read words accurately without overtly sounding and blending, and are sufficiently fluent to allow them to focus on their understanding rather than on decoding individual words.

Ask and answer questions making some inferences (e.g. “I think Mum was cross because her arms were folded.”)

Explain what has happened so far in a story or text.


Maths Expectations:

Children should have a rapid recall of the multiplication table facts of 2s, 5s and 10s (progressing to 3s and 4s) and use these facts to help solve division problems.

Understand the value of each coin and be able to make the same total using different coins.

Tell the time – o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past the hour.

Recall their number bonds to 10 (e.g. 7+3=10) and use these facts to help work out larger number sentences (e.g. 17+3=20 or 70+30=100)


Rewards and Incentives

We have an excellent reward scheme to encourage daily reading at home. Children will receive a certificate for reading 20, 40, 60 and 80 times at home. When they reach 100 they will receive a bronze certificate and prize, 200 reads will mean they will receive a silver certificate and prize and 300 reads will receive a gold certificate and a special prize.

In addition to this, children will also receive certificates for moving onto the next reading level.

Wow awards - Children will receive a Wow Award for excellent effort and success in their work or in their attitude towards their learning. They will also choose a meerkat to bring home (returned before Wed). Children can, if they wish, take photos (or draw pictures) of themselves with the meerkat and then write a short piece about their time together.

Rainbow chart – when children reach ‘outstanding’ on our rainbow chart they will receive a tick on our chart. Ten ticks equals a small prize.



Please ensure you child has a full PE kit in school at all times, especially when they attend after school clubs and take their kit home.

Indoor games (T-shirt, short, plimsolls)

Outdoor PE (T-shirt, jogging bottoms, sweatshirt, trainers)

Remember socks (if girls wearing tights)

Earrings: Please ensure that earrings are not worn to school on P.E days, or that your child is self-sufficient in removing them if they do.


It is the expectation that all children take part in PE lessons. If for a medical reason, your child is unable to take part, please inform me of this in writing so I can plan to integrate them into the lesson in other ways. Also, please ensure all kit is labelled (especially trainers because these are used at lunchtimes and not always returned to the correct peg).


Water bottle

Please ensure your child brings a named water bottle into school. It is important that they drink regularly throughout the day.


Open door policy

We offer an open door policy here at Layer and welcome parents in school to discuss any issues involving their child. Mornings are always very busy so unless it is important please speak to either of us at the end of the day. If you feel you may need a longer meeting it would be helpful if you could arrange an appointment at the office.


From Mrs Baxter and Mrs Gay


Y2 curriculum overview Summer 19