The school's Safeguarding Policy is awaiting review by Governors, and will be available on the Website from November 2017.



This year we have been running internet safety lessons regularly in each class.  

On Monday 10th July 2017 Mrs Helsden ran an E Safety workshop 'Parenting in the Digital World' from 6-7.30pm.  Feedback was given on today's issues with children accessing games and other information to help such as guides and PEGI rating information.  One thing we shared and parents found interesting was a recent anonymous survey, completed by children in each year group.  Our results found that although children are reporting issues and less children are visiting age inappropriate sites or using games, there is still more to be done.

 The findings are summarised below but in detail on the spreadsheets attached by year group.

Key Stage One 2017 Survey results.

Year Three survey results 2017.

Year Four survey results 2017.

Year Five survey results 2017.

Year Six survey results 2017.


  • Children are accessing 18+ games as young as Year 3.  We have completed PEGI lessons to support this fact and work with them to encourage alternative games where we can.  We also encourage safety features where available and talk to parents.
  • 1/4 of Year 4 children have a social network site.  This could be Skype and half of parents are checking their sites but lessons have been input to show children how to keep safe on social networking sites and how to delete friends and sites to stay safe.
  • Over 50% of Year 5 children have mobile phones with over 1/3 having a social networking site.  10% of children questioned had also been accessing 18+ games.  Lessons have been adapted to ensure further coverage of PEGI ratings and their meanings with lessons having covered photo sharing, social networking and texting safely and kindly.
  • In Year 6, most children own a mobile phone with many using it for texting and taking photos.  Sexting has been covered in Year 6 along with visits by Essex Police and a visit to crucial crew, who explained about e safety and sexting.  Social networking is covered along with PEGI ratings and staying safe online.


The PowerPoint used at the event is available by clicking this link.

The message we always communicate in school is that if you are worried about ANYTHING - tell an adult you trust straight away. Communication is very important in reducing danger online.  A more recent slogan we have been using in school to remind children that what they write online stays there is:

Before you say what's on your mind, ask yourself is it kind?

 We have collated some useful e-safety links for parents here, and the school e-safety policy can be found here.


Remember - enjoy, have fun, but BE SAFE.