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Class Teacher: Mr Tuttlebee
Learning Support and Care assistant: Martyne De- Wit

Welcome to the Five Hive! Our class are using the analogy of how a bee hive works, to understand the importance of the part we all play in making our "hive" function. There is a collaborative approach to our learning and behaviour, where we understand the school rules, children are able to self-regulate their behaviour and also encourage those around them to aspire to these high expectations. 

How does conflict change the way in which we live?

The focus for most of our Autumn Term will be on the events leading up to the Battle of Britain, the Battle of Britain, and the effects of these on our country. We will understand the peronsalities of that era, look at first-hand and second-hand sources and come to a conclusion about the impact that this had at the time and even today. Children will grasp a deep understanding of that time, the factors in Britain winning the Battle of Britain, and an apprceiation for the significance of the event.

Class Novel: Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo

Friend or Foe Cover(1)

Our Class novel tells the story of two friends, David and Tucky, who are evacuated from their home in London during World War Two to a village in Devon. While they are there, a German bomber crashes near the farm where they are staying. When one of the airmen inside saves David’s life, the boys are challenged to change their views towards the airmen.

Children will:

* Read chapters independently, part of a pairing or with adult support

* Investigate the meaning and context of new vocabulary

* Answer questions about the text, explaning their understanding

* Understand characters through their actions within the story

End of the Day Book: Listen to the Moon by Michael Morpugo


Michale Morpugo remains one of the best child authors for Year 5, so I will be reading this to the children at the end of most days. This is a chance for children to listen to a story to encourage their enthusiasm for reading, to develop the skill of asking questions to better their understanding and to increase the range of vocabulary that they are exposed too. 


PE Days: Tuesday (Squash - indoors) and Friday (Netball - outdoors)

Homework: Reading (5 days a week minimum), Spelling (Handed out on a Monday and returned by the following Monday), Times Tables (including TTRockstars) 


Class Timetable

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