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What sacrifices does a person have to make in order to be a 'history maker'?

Our Autumn term project focus is history. During our daily project lessons, we will be researching people who have made history by doing something extraordinary. This could be changing our knowledge of the world we live in, helping other people who live on our planet, protecting the world we live in by campaigning for change or doing something that no-one has ever done before. We will find out what these people had to do to become a 'history maker' and reflect on what we could learn from these people in order to be better ourselves. We have learnt about such people as Jacques Cousteau, Rosa Parks, David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Emma Raducanu, Neil Armstrong, Katharine Johnson, Marcus Rashford, Anne Frank and Mary Anning, along with many others the children have read about at home

Alongside the many books which we have read about History Makers, we are studying the picture book The Crow's Tale (an animal fable). The children have discussed the fable and the structure which we have used to practise writing paragraphs split into a minimum of three sentences. 

crows tale

Cook, Cook, Cook!

We had great fun with Darren from Roots for Food helping us to make Japanese Teriyaki! In teams, we chopped vegetables using the bridge and claw technique, used spices and flavourings to marinade the chicken or Quorn and used the steamer and electric wok to bring the ingredients together to make this delicious dish!

In Maths lessons, we are learning about Place Value. The last 2/3 weeks have been spent partitioning any two-digit number into different combinations of tens and ones, explaining their thinking verbally, in pictures or using apparatus. Below are some pictures of some of the work we have been doing in class


PE DAY: Monday (outside - throwing and catching) and Friday (inside - gymnastics)

HOMEWORK: Daily reading (more to follow in stages)

READING BOOKS: Please hand in your child's reading book bags or folders on Wednesday with the reading record inside. We will send these back home on Friday with new books in. 

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